LGBTQA1 Equality: NONE Are Free OR Equal Until ALL Are Free AND Equal.

Wow! “The Militant Negro did this one up!

The Militant Negro™


Homophobia appears to be in Vogue these days, and it’s time good people accept the fact that NONE of us are free or equal until ALL of us are free and Equal.

In light of the Pulse Club massacre by a so called Muslim who was also a homophobic mass killer, we are faced with two issues that will ruin this planet. Weapons readily available to just about any dumbass moron with cash, and the issue of humans believing THEY get to control what another human chooses as a lifestyle.

YOU simply do NOT get to choose what another adult human being does or does not do with their genitalia. Who anyone else is attracted to, besides yourself, is none of your muthafuckin business. Where you stick your penis, or…

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