And She’s Back…



Hello Beautiful People,

How the hell are you?  Hopefully, you are doing well and are keeping your head way above water, successfully.

As for me,  I am slowly feeling like myself again.  You know how it is…Shit just happens, no need to go into grave details about it.  It’s just sometimes we need to take a step back from our regular routine and examine our lives and put things back into perspective.  And sometimes that is easier said than done.

We sometimes cannot understand the sadness that comes over us and we try like hell to get over it on our own, however, sometimes taking a step back and isolating others, out of fear of taking out our frustrations on others may not be the answer.  But we weather the storm and hopefully pull ourselves out of the dump and return to society.  That be me now and going forward. (Hence, she’s back…)

I know that I do not have to tell/remind you that sometimes “this thing called life,” can be challenging, unpredictable and quite stressful.  Dealing with stress is not an easy task for it causes one to pull away from family members and friends.  Pulling away and putting distance between those we love sends them mixed messages, causing them (your loved ones and friends) pain and suffering.  You may think that hey, “I’m doing them a favor by not sharing what’s on my mind,” or “Not sharing your problems,” because you feel that if you do so you will prompt one or many of these feelings:

  • Looking like a loser
  • Family/Friend won’t understand
  • Will prompt unnecessary advice or obvious solutions
  • Fear of ruining your relationship/friendship

Most often when things go wrong, and when Life decides to throw a monkey wrench in your not so perfect world, but a quite manageable one.   You feel foolish for not being prepared in the event something goes wrong.

When it comes to talking with a family member or a friend one could find this to be a complicated, because thoughts like, “If I confide in them, what will they think of me?,” “Will confiding in said family member or friend, results in them sharing my feelings with someone else (another family member or other mutual friends?”) and (“Can really trust them?”)

And ewww, I can’t begin to express just how pissy I become when someone yo)u decide to confide in, and you begin to speak not completely explaining your situation when the party you’re confiding in decides to cut you off and offer their opinion.  And their solution as to what you should do.  You’re like, “That’s nice, however, if you had let me to finished you would see how that solution you offered has already been tried, or you would see that I already tried that and it made matters worse.”  At this point, the other person is blue in the face and quickly changes the subject.  So much for sharing.

Lastly having the fear of damaging your relationship (with a loved one or friend). This can also apply to a family member who offers up what you should do, or they don’t understand why you are having such a hard time.

It is in my opinion that Life has either shown or has taught some of us a valuable lesson on what part of our lives we should share and what parts of our lives should not be shared.  It is important to keep in mind that our Family and friends (good friends-of which most of us have one or two, in which we can depend upon and share anything with), are not problem solvers, however, sometimes sharing your feelings with one member can relieve some stress and tension.  Most importantly when you decide to share your feelings with someone, it is important to:

Really know that person and know in your heart that they are on your team, and are trustworthy.  And this doesn’t mean that they are the type that is going to agree with you when they know you are wrong. (News Flash: NOT A FRIEND) There is nothing worse than confiding in someone and have others look at you strangely because your business has been put out there.  Second, don’t share all your business, just share what really bothers you.  Or better yet share the solution, (i.e. you are unemployed and funds are running low. The problem is obvious, you stress that you may not find employment before your funds run out, that’s all that needs to be shared). Put out the word what your needs are because the number one priority is finding employment, not how you lost the job and blah, blah, blah.

We also learned from “this thing called Life,” is that it is very unhealthy to hold things in.  But you have a fear of talking to others or you find that you are unable to articulate your feelings, properly to others.  Then go another route.  Yes, there is therapy or a psychiatrist, however, the fear of sharing your life may occur and you wind up talking about everything except what’s bugging you.

I find it therapeutic to write entries in my autobiography. (You fellow writers, will get a kick out this).  I read an article some time ago, by Michael Lewis, “4 Reasons Why You Should Write An Autobiography or Personal Memoir,” and it got me thinking how this may help me, help myself.  Writing an autobiography or Personal Memoir, allows me to deal with my issues.  Writing the words down allows me to examine my situation, express my feelings about them without the worry that someone is going to interject, give me an unfavorable stare or offer solutions that are just preposterous.  This may not help you, however, I thought I would throw it out there.  Why not give it try, next time you feel yourself pulling away from those you love and care about.  Hey, what can it hurt?

Although the autobiography or memoir may never be finished or published, (because the story ends upon my death), at least it is a therapeutic remedy to what ails me and gives me a different outlook on “this thing called life.”  More importantly, there will no longer be a reason to push away loved ones, and friends, with the end result being losing them forever.

I thought it appropriate to add Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” as my sign off. Feels good to be back!


Lois “Depurplelady” Percente





The Manuscript (There Are No Words)

Very nice! LP

Writings By Ender

The writer finally found the motivation in himself to sit at his desk and write. He always sat at his desk to write because everywhere else felt unclean, everywhere else actually was dirty. This was the first time in months that he found he was able to sit there. He slouched back in the chair getting himself a bit more comfortable and began to day dream. The writer typically tries to day dream about what he writes before he commits anything to paper. So in this quiet, aloof manner he spends the next hour. He had dreams of knights, wizards, and dragons, and the entire world in which they belong. When he woke up from his day dream he was sure of what he wanted to write. It would be a simple story of a knight seeking fame by slaying a dragon. Only the knight finds out that the dragon…

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What Famous Writer Are You?

My results after taking this quiz is as follows:

You got: Ernest Hemingway
Perhaps one of your peculiar hobbies is listening to people talk to each other. In any case, it is apparent in your writing that the nuances of dialogue are important to you. Surroundings are also paid special attention to in your stories, thus showing that for you setting is just as important as plot. And you do have good plots. While you may or may not be of a particular faith, there is an underlying theme of good overcoming evil that gives your work special meaning to you. You are a normally introverted person, but your stories are the best way for you to express your thoughts to the world.

World of Horror


Perhaps your writing style avoids comparison. Or so you think. Take this quiz to discover which famous author’s style your style most closely resembles.

Please share the result in comment section!

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Free e-Book Today!!!

Hey I just downloaded my free copy! Can’t wait to start reading it tonight.

I’m loving KitschMix!


Nice pic right?  Well, there’s a story behind it.  I guess I should be thankful that I ventured with (my old blog- Essence of Pride), for it afforded me the opportunity to check out many other LGBT sites and pages on FaceBook.  Which is how I happened upon KitschMix, whoa, hot damn and yes are the words that come to mind when describing this site.
I have found so many interesting reads here that are relevant, exciting and just non-stop entertainment worthy.  This particular pic, is entitled, “Ten Tantalising Sex Positions You And Your Girlfriend Need To Try” which is followed by a lovely quirky write-up and pics of every position mentioned within the article.  It is definitely a website in which one can find subject matters pertaining to so many different topics and life experiences that we as lesbians have either experienced or will experience during our life-time.
You’re probably wondering whether or not I’m getting paid to say this, and the answer is no, hence my tagline: “From a lesbian’s POV.”   But hey, I invite you to click on either of the two links above to see for yourself.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  LP