About The Essence of Pride


What you’ll find on The Essence of Pride are postings on Fashion, Fitness, and Food, from the point of view of lesbian. This is by no means a blog that practices separations of gender for I believe that we have enough of separation from those in society who are either afraid of our type of love, do not understand our love, or who are just plain hateful.

The intention of EOP is to spread as much information as I can on the importance of staying fit, eating right and of course, to check out fashion that will look exceptionally well on a well trim body.  And from time to time there will be postings that refer to the subject of homosexuality. 

I know you are probably wondering why I felt it necessary to mention that I am a lesbian, and the answer to that is, the fight for Equality is real and that there are advocates still working for that which should be ours already to be Truly Respected and Equal because the bottom line is we are all humans and deserve to be treated that way.  It is my belief that we are all in this together and it is necessary to remain that way in order to continue to advance toward the goal of achieving Awareness, Acceptance, and True Equality.  I don’t know about you, but I look forward to that day when words like Acceptance, Awareness, and Equality are no longer utilized when discussing or speaking about issues concerning the LGBTQ community.

I welcome and thank you for visiting and hope to see and hear from you often.  I look forward to your feedback, For Every Small Step Taken Toward Equality Is A Major Step Towards Achievement.

Should you have an idea for a topic, or if you would like to share a story of your own, or even if you would like to “Shine the Spotlight,” on someone doing something great for our community, as well as wanting to share public awareness invites or events-– please don’t hesitate to email me at theessenceofpride@gmail.com.


Lois Percente (Founder)