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Be not afraid of anything. You will do marvellous work. it is Fearlessness that brings Heaven even in a moment.

-Author unknown

To Win The Mid-Term Nov. 2018 Elections, President Is Lying With Just About Everything He Says — Gronda Morin

In advance of the US November 2018 mid-term elections, the republican President Donald Trump lying has been off the charts. Just about every word he states is a falsehood, a bull horn to stoke the emotions of those in his base, those with racist leanings, prone to fear of immigrants and who want to believe […]

I have not been very vocal about Trump here on my blog, because whenever one engages in conversations about politics, arguments soon ensue.  However, we are getting very close to election time, and I feel it is time to speak up.  This upcoming election is so very important.  We all have to bond together, in order to have our voices heard!

This article/post by Gronda Morin, points out the many lies that Trump has told the America people to get into office.  This man has made promises upon promises and has done the complete opposite since he has taken the seat in the Oval Office.  He is not to be trusted, and I feel he will lead this country into destruction, he’s been quite successful in spewing hate and taking this country backward thus far.

via To Win The Mid-Term Nov. 2018 Elections, President Is Lying With Just About Everything He Says — Gronda Morin

Qivange Professional Makeup Brush Set


Qivange Professional Makeup Brush Set with Holder, Sponge & Brush Cleaner, (12 pcs-Rose-Gold)  Image result for 5 star review images

I bought these brushes because they come in a case.  Was greatly surprised to find out that the case is leather. This was an extra bonus in my book. 

The brushes are great as well, I was particularly happy with the Flat Foundation Brush, perfect for liquid foundation.  I found that these brushes allow for a smooth application of makeup products, which is what I was hoping for.  No loose hairs from use.  I have not used the brush cleaner yet, but I am sure that it too will be a great product as well. 

The only thing negative about this product is the size of the smoothing sponge, it is much smaller than it appears.  However, even with that knowledge, the Brush Set is still a great find!  I highly recommend them. 




Buying Information:

Sold on Amazon:  $16.99

Vendor Name: Qivange


Qivange Professor Makeup Brush Set with Holder, Sponge and Brush Cleaner