Dr. Perry breaks down Passive Aggressiveness for us!  A must read. LP


By Dr. Perry, PhD “Lets meet at noon at the gym- oh wait, you probably don’t know where that is” ~ Anonymous We all have that friend, co-worker or family member who has a special way of saying seemingly harmless words that makes us feel like we have been slapped across the face with a […]

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Peaches and Custard Egg Free Cake ‹ Lea Hogg’s Blog ‹ Reader — WordPress.com

I’m a rabid peach fan, so of course, this recipe jumped up at me.  The idea of baking without eggs is very new to me, but as the saying goes, “You never know, until you tried,” definitely fits well here.  Too bad peach season is over, however, if I do come across some stragglers, I will be sure to pick them up to try this. This looks yummy!  LP


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Shameful History

Just by looking at this pic, without even reading its caption, I knew immediately that this pic and the posting would be about the gross mistreatment befell by the individuals pictured here.  It saddens me to read about the horric acts of man against another, just because of the color of their skin. What saddens me, even more, is that that same belief that was responsible for the befalling of these victims are still the type of thoughts that ponder in the minds of RACIST individuals today.

Thanks, “Moorbey’z Blog? for the history lesson, I have to say that I was quite surprised to read about Hitler’s role in bringing together the two Races.  But as they say,”You learn something new everyday,”–in this case, thanks to you!  LP

by GARIKAI CHENGU Global outrage was sparked when the Zimbabwean lion, Cecil was killed as a trophy; but to this day, Britain and America continue to display in museums human remains that are human trophies of their massacres and subjugation of indigenous populations. Britain has recently revealed that it is currently negotiating with Zimbabwe over the […]

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What Would You Do?

Interesting set of words…Which prompt the question, What would you do today, that your future self would Thank you for?  Hmmm?  Thanks to “Totally Inspired Mind,” for the share. LP

Image from Motivational Quotes. Compiled by Paulette Motzko. January 29th 2017. 9:04 a.m.

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Food Photography

I found these wonderful pics on “Cooking Without Limits,” and I just had to share them with you because they look so much like paintings.  Don’t you agree?  Awesome & Cool. LP

For me, setting up a table for food photography takes time. So, when the light is good, I am in an inspirational mood and I have time, I am taking more photos with the same settings. In the photos you will see I have a corner with lots of light coming from lots of windows. […]

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Candle Magick

Repost from “HocusPocus13,” great read those of you who participate in the teachings of Wicca or Candle Magick…Thanks, HocusPocus13 for the quick tutorial. LP

Let my destiny be no longer a victim of fate no longer a random condition I want to control this thing a concept known as a coincidence Making things happen today so I can deal with my tomorrows So I can plan for something special for my future ❤ WORKING WITH CANDLES After you have […]

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How to Stay Motivated — MakeItUltra™

As I browsed through the Reader I came across this lovely inspirational post written by “MakeItUltra,” and I am so very glad that I did. I found this post makes perfect sense, for as individuals who strive for a more fulfilling life, we set reasonable goals for ourselves but often do not set reasonable time periods in which to accomplish them.  (Reason being is that it is hard to filter in things that can happen or may need our immediate attention).

This article reminds us that life happens and that it is ok to prioritize, taking care of those things that need our immediate attention first, and going back to the goal we’ve set for ourselves at a later time.

The message I received from reading this post is that as long as we take steps towards what we want to accomplish, we should be proud and reward ourselves for those steps taken toward achieving our set goal.  Remembering to keep our eyes on the prize while remembering that, “Rome was not built in a day,” and to keep taking the necessary steps, even baby ones, will, in the end, lead us to become successful in achieving that what we had set out to achieve.

Thanks “MakeItUltra,” for the reminder! LP

MakeItUltra™ Founder: Eric C., MA., PhD Candidate (USA) Website: MotivateInspireUplift.com “Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.” ~ Zig Ziglar 1. Reflect on your progress It always feels good to reflect on how far we have come. We can easily get caught up looking to the future only to base our happiness on finishing the […]

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