Training Like A Beast

I recently came across this image and thought to myself, “How very true.”  Really, think about it, and maybe I am taking it deeper than the message needs to be taken, but…You see there is not a bigger critic of you, then yourself.

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While others may look and pay you a sincere compliment, you may graciously accept it, however, you will always find something about yourself that needs repair.  Am I right?  Making this image (directly above) to be very, very, very true. That image you see in the image is your competitor and until that reflection shows you what you what you want to see then that race will continue indefinitely,

Which is why those of us who are hooked on fitness, and are leading a healthy lifestyle, choose to “Look like a beauty and train like a Beast.”  It is that standard in which we set for ourselves that keep us highly motivated as long as we continue to compete and challenge ourselves.

I hope your Wednesday goes well.  Lois “Depurplelady”
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10 Colors That Will Rock Spring This Year!

Before we can get into shopping for the latest fashions for this Spring, it may be nice to check out what colors are said to be this Spring’s must haves.  This information comes courtesy of The Zoe Report and Pantone who “releases their color stories as a sneak peek to what shades will be trending across the board, from beauty (click here for bold makeup trends) to fashion.” Along with these fabulous colors, you’ll see that The Zoe Report or Pantone, not sure who is quite responsible, have also included eye shadows, nail and lip colors, and perfumes. Honestly, except for the fact that the perfumes have the same hues, is not an indication that they go with the outfit.  I mean, really?  All in the name of advertising and filling in space, I suppose.  

Have a look-see and choose your perfect Spring color for this year.  Lois


Mother Nature’s Cruel Joke…Hahaha is over!

It would appear that Mother Nature has finally relinquished from playing her rather cruel and long April’s Fool joke. and has finally blessed  us with some warm weather.  Yay!  I don’t know about you, but I was growing very tired of the cold winds, snow and rain. 

It is so very nice to see the buds on the trees sprouting out as if to say, “Hello,”  and to finally see beautiful green grass (for I love to smell fresh cut grass) what a wonderful fragrance. Not to mention the beautiful flowers as they begin to bloom.  Aaahhh, Spring, the season that surrounds us all with the beauty of Nature. 

Flowers & Grass

Isn’t this just breath-taking?  Here’s wishing you a beautiful fun filled day!