Me, Myself, and I

I must confess that during the holidays, I completely neglected my workout regime.  Why?  Because I’m greedy. LOL!  I love the holidays because of all the variety of delicious foods that are available, or that I cook. 

Now that I’ve returned to my workout regime, I realize that I never should had stopped.  My stopping was just an excuse to go off my regime and now I must retrain my body all over again.  Not to mention that if I had continued my regime, I would not have gained so much weight. Just before the holidays I was down to 195lbs and when I stepped on the scale (talking scale) on New Year’s day I was shock to hear that I was at 204.4lbs.  I swear heard the woman’s voice on my scale clear her throat. 😉 So it’s back to the ole drawing board.

This time around I’ve convinced my wife, Joanne to jump on the bandwagon and we’ve been walking around our apartment complex twice in the morning and I have also been utilizing my Pilates machine along with a couple of other exercises, (75 sit-ups 25 full sit-ups, 25 crunches, 25 bicycle side to side, 10 push up and 25 leg lifts).

I know that this journey is not going to be easy, because it is way easier to find an excuse not to exercise.  So I have to keep telling myself that, I am doing this for ME, and I can do it MYSELF, for I am important and it needs to be done.

And if that doesn’t work try this for Motivation (see below)

Be proud of yourself


This is my Runtastic Pro, accomplishment for today:

Lois just finished a Runtastic walking of 0.93 mi in 47m 45s


Tonight’s Dinner

20151216_171250.jpgFor breakfast I drink two cups of coffee with Coffee-Mate Creamer and Splenda. I also eat a yogurt and a piece of fruit  Because I always plan my day with way too many activities I usually have a Slim Fast shake for lunch. And dinner time are usually reserved for larger meals.

Today, I had salad again made with both iceberg and green lettuce, red onions, and cucumbers.  I also made some homemade mashed potato, of which I forgot to take pics of the ingredients I use in preparing the potatoes, sorry :(–I’m still quite new at this, so please forgive me.  However, I promise the next time I make them I will share the recipe and include pics.

Until next time, LP

Last Night’s Dinner (12/15/15)

As you are aware, I have taken the challenge of eating healthy, and exercising daily. In this category (Healthy Food Recipes) I will share with you, just my dinners and the ingredients used to make them.  Thus far I’ve been having very simple foods, so expect to see lots of salads of different origins and a few surprises along the way.  Enjoy!

20151215_173902.jpgThis is a simple salad made with both iceberg and green lettuce, cucumbers and red onions, with a couple of fish sticks and of course a Coke.

Until next time, LP