Whose Your Favorite Creepy Character? 

Come on you know you have one.  Comment your favorite character (s) below.  Mine are Chucky,  Freddy , Jason,   The Addams Family,  Sexy Elvira, The Monsters,  and Pennywise (new love). Hahaha! 


The Evening Is Fast Approaching… 

What’s Your Costume? 

Just sitting around trying out different faces.  So much fun!  Which is your fav? 

I Just Love Halloween! 

Have a wonderful fun-filled day! 

Rainbow Shots!

Have you ever been out at a social event where the bartender is just off the chain with skills?  I’m not talking about your neighborhood bar where the bartender’s skills are limited to mixing simple drinks like Bacardi and Coke.  No, I am referring to real skills where the bartender show-boats with the multiple bottles of alcohol, tower glass pour and decorative drinks that are too pretty to drink.


Image result for talented bartenders.



Image result for talented bartenders

Image result for talented bartenders


Ever wonder how they do it?  Ever wish you were able to do at least one of those cool feats?  Well, wonder and wish no more.  Here’s a “Rainbow Shots,” recipe from the Tipsy Bartender, that you can do at your next function sure to impress your friends, (with a little practice of course).

Happy cocktail making!

Lois “Depurplelady” Percente














Rainbow Shots

How Quickly Time Flies…

time fliesAnother weekend is upon and the month of March seems to be zooming by with a quickness. This past weekend the wife, my mom and I moved into a beautiful ranch duplex in Woodstock, IL.  What a beauty it is! 

Although I’m still exciting about the move and a little in awe of our new dwelling, I am also worn out from unpacking.  Its been almost a week and I still have quite a  few boxes left to unpack and store away.  But, I  must admit I am looking forward to decorating, so much so that I’ve been dividing my time with unpacking, storing and a little decorating. 

Now that we are in a bigger place, with lots of room I am looking forward to the warmer weather and going out and about looking for great fines at garage sales, antique shops, and furniture stores.  Most importantly, my wife and I look forward to entertaining again, and catching up with friends and family members.

Well its time for me to get my day started.  Here’s wishing you all a great day and a fantastic weekend.