A Poem For The Victims and Survivors of “Pulse Club,” Orlando, FL

This is a poem written by my dear cousin Curtis Cochran written on 12th June 2016. It is entitled: For Orlando. 

Orlando's vigil


They went to dance to experience glee
They dressed their best for the beat
Like millions of nights before
They pranced through the doors
As the lights lit them lovingly
As old friends as before

The Latin music filled the room
Masking the entering doom
As they scattered to hide
Not believing their eyes
So many already fallen
Run .. No time to cry

Who was this bringer
of death and pain
Who was this bitter
Person of shame
Who in hell
gave him the right
To bring terror here

No one knows what
went through his brain
All we know is that
he was insane
All we know is there is
loss tonight
All we know is that
This isn’t right

So now we are left
with all this strife
All this pain and loss
of life
Here again we ask ourselves
When the answer is here in
our eyes

These are the weapons
That are sold so easily
That always come back
And make us un-easy
These are laws with holes
In every state
These laws we know
come back in our face

Now so tainted
was an innocent time
Now so tainted in
everyone’s mind
Now so tainted
We must still
carry on
To show the taint
will one day
Be gone

My brothers My sisters
Surviving this night
Keep your hearts filled
with Gods Holy Light
It can’t be darkened
With one mans gun
For in time we will



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I know you are probably wondering why I felt it necessary to mention that I am a lesbian, and the answer to that is, the fight for Equality is real and that there are advocates still working for that which should be ours already to be Truly Respected and Equal because the bottom line is we are all humans and deserve to be treated that way.  It is my belief that we are all in this together and it is necessary to remain that way in order to continue to advance toward the goal of achieving Awareness, Acceptance, and True Equality.  I don’t know about you, but I look forward to that day when words like Acceptance, Awareness, and Equality are no longer utilized when discussing or speaking about issues concerning the LGBTQ community.

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